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Cities and Counties Addressing Climate Change

Plans Addressing Climate Change

City of Alameda: "Climate Protection in Alameda"

The City of Alameda's Local Action Plan outlines a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction goal and initiatives that would help achieve this reduction goal. The Plan aims to reduce GHG emissions by at least 25% by the year 2020.

City of Albany: "Climate Action Program"

The City of Albany’s Climate Action Program aims to reduce the emissions that cause global warming, improve air quality, reduce waste, cut energy use, and save money. They plan to develop a Climate Action Plan that consists of policies and measures that, when implemented, will enable the City to meet its target for greenhouse gas emission reductions.

City of Arcata: "Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan"

The City of Arcata has developed a Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan which focuses on six action areas: energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transportation, waste and consumption reduction, carbon sequestration and other methods, and cross-cutting approaches. The City of Arcata has committed to decrease locally generated GHG emissions by 20% below 2000 levels by 2010.

City of Berkeley: "Draft Climate Action Plan"

The City of Berkeley’s Draft Climate Action plan addresses the main sources of emissions that cause global warming and guides in the development and enhancement of actions that aggressively cut Berkeley’s greenhouse gas emissions. The City of Berkeley has a goal to reduce GHG emissions by 80% by 2050.

City of Chula Vista: "CO2 Reduction Plan"

The City of Chula Vista has prepared a CO2 Reduction Plan to lower the community's major greenhouse gas emissions while strengthening the local economy and improving environmental conditions. The CO2 Reduction Plan is focused on reducing fossil fuel consumption and decreasing reliance on power generated by fossil fuel. The City of Chula Vista aims to reduce CO2 emissions to 80% of 1990 levels by 2010.

City of Davis: "Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory"

The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory provides a summary of community GHG emissions for the City of Davis and forecasts municipal emissions growth.

City of Los Angeles: "Green LA Plan"

The City of Los Angeles’ Green LA Plan presents a framework for confronting global climate change; engaging residents to create a cleaner, greener, sustainable Los Angeles; and growing the green economy. The City of Los Angeles aims to reduce CO2 emissions 35% below 1990 levels.

City of Sacramento: "Sustainability Implementation Plan"

The City of Sacramento’s Sustainability Implementation Plan sets forth goals and long term targets that will guide the City and community towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and a greener path of doing business and living.

City of San Diego: "Climate Protection Action Plan"

The City of San Diego’s Climate Protection Action Plan outlines a 15% GHG reduction goal set for 2010, using 1990 as a baseline and provides recommendations of how to reach this goal and other identified actions and challenges pertaining to Climate Protection.

City and County of San Francisco: "Climate Action Plan"

The City and County of San Francisco’s Climate Action Plan quantifies the emissions they are responsible for and identifies actions required to achieve emissions rollbacks. The City and County of San Francisco is committed to reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions to 20% below 1990 levels by 2012.

City of Santa Barbara: "Sustainable Santa Barbara"

The City of Santa Barbara’s Sustainable Santa Barbara Annual Report highlights the city’s best practices, recent achievements, and future plans pertaining to waste prevention, water quality, conservation, and habitat restoration, and climate protection.

City of Santa Cruz: "Turning the Tide on Global Warming"

The City of Santa Cruz has a variety of Energy Conservation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Projects aimed at cutting gases by 30% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. They have also updated their general plan in an attempt to include references to reduce the cities affect on global warming.

City of Santa Monica: "Sustainable City Plan"

The City of Santa Monica’s Sustainable City Plan helps address the root causes of problems and provide criteria for evaluating the long-term rather than short-term impacts of the cities decisions. The program includes goals and strategies for the City government and all sectors of the community as well as numerical indicators and specific targets set for the city to achieve by 2000 in four specific goal areas.

City of Sebastopol: "Sustainable Sebastopol"

The City of Sebastopol’s Sustainable Sebastopol program has several policies and programs aimed at helping the city achieve its goal of making Sebastopol a model of sustainability.

City of Stockton: "Stockton Goes Green"

The City of Stockton has several City initiatives aimed at making the City of Stockton “greener.” This includes programs such as Green Building Initiatives Smart Growth Communities, low emission vehicles, recycling and solid waste, rubberized sidewalks, and water conservation as well as providing examples of what residents and businesses can do to reduce their effect on global warming.

City of West Hollywood: "10 Things You Can Do to Combat Global Warming"

The City of West Hollywood provides a list of 10 actions the average citizen can take to reduce Green House Gas emissions.

Alameda County: "Resolution Establishing County Climate Change Leadership Strategy"

The Resolution focuses on the leadership strategy of Alameda County including integration into key county processes and a collaborative cross-agency approach to reduce GHG emissions. It also states that Alameda County is committed to progress through the Climate Protection Campaign’s five milestones.   

Marin County: "Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan"

The Marin County Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan provides the GHG emissions data from Marin County and an outline of activities that can help achieve the target GHG reductions set by the Climate Protection Campaign.

Sonoma County: "Climate Protection Campaign"

Sonoma County’s Climate Protection Campaign features a GHG inventory report, target setting and a Community Climate Action Plan aimed at achieving the emissions target. Their Campaign also includes a White Paper which focuses on Local Actions to Address Climate Change and is comprised of a comprehensive set of technically grounded, economically feasible, and locally appropriate solutions for reducing net GHG emissions.