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LGC supports local policymakers through nationally recognized events, low cost technical assistance and policy guidance on climate change, energy, water and community design.

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Livable Places Update – April

April’s article: Broadband for Better Communities

Past Issues of Livable Places Update

Currents: Spring 2017

Currents provides readers with current information on energy issues affecting local governments in California.

Past Issues of CURRENTS

CivicSpark Newsletter – April

This monthly CivicSpark newsletter features updates on CivicSpark projects and highlights.

Past Issues of CivicSpark Newsletter

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The latest from the Local Government Commission

WeCAN Partners with Habitat for Humanity

LGC’s WeCAN team partners with Habitat for Humanity to install drought friendly natural landscaping and efficient irrigation for low-income residents.

New Drought Tolerant Landscaping Program Launched

Habitat Fresno’s Landscape Program has partnered with the LGC’s WeCAN (Water Energy Community Action Network) rebate program to improve quality of communities.

Electric Vehicles: You Can’t Plan for Transportation’s Future by Looking Backward

Kate Meis and Joseph Oldham discuss the progress of electric vehicle adoption in California and the future of transportation.

Infinite Earth Radio Podcast

Infinite Earth Radio is a podcast produced by Skeo, in association with the Local Government Commission. Each week we interview visionary civic leaders who are transforming the future.

Broadband for All — Part 1 – May 25, 2017

Broadband Access Impacts Environment, Health, Agriculture, and Jobs

Charting the National Healthy Communities Platform – May 18, 2017

Incorporating Public Health Considerations in the Local Government Planning Process

Coal Blooded — Coal Power Plants as a Civil Rights Issue – May 11, 2017

Coal, Coal-Fired Power Plants, and the Impacts on Communities

Listen to other recent Infinite Earth Podcasts.

Featured Videos

DIY Great Cities – Part 1

This DIY Great Cities workshop session discusses Pop-up events and demonstrations.

Rick Cole: 2016 Yosemite Conference

Rick Cole, provides a retrospective on the role the LGC network has played in advancing smart growth over the last 35 years.

DIY Great Cities – Part 2

These DIY Great Cities workshop sessions cover the concepts of Crowdfunding and Integrating arts into neighborhood placemaking.