2016 Local Government Commission Annual Report

January 23, 2017
by Local Government Commission

2016 Annual Report

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The Local Government Commission supports local policymakers through nationally recognized events, affordable technical assistance and policy guidance on climate change, energy, water and healthy community design.

Implementing Solutions

In 2016, the Local Government Commission provided support to 290 local and regional jurisdictions. LGC staff and CivicSpark fellows collectively spent over 81,500 hours of service conducting charrettes, community design workshops, walkability assessments and trainings, as well as providing direct assistance.

In addition to recruiting 560 volunteers and engaging over 3,000 community members, the 2015-16 fellows succeeded in a range of climate actions including:

  • 26 community workshops organized;
  • 48 energy benchmarking or opportunity assessments completed;
  • 7 inventories completed;
  • 3 vulnerability assessments completed;
  • 2 climate or energy action plans written;
  • 36 million gallons per year saved through leak detections; and
  • 5 Recycling programs implemented.

Connecting Leaders

In 2016, LGC reached more than 4,000 livable community and sustainability leaders and practitioners through our national conference, our statewide forums, design workshops and networking events.

In 2016, LGC connected livable community practitioners with other leaders and a range of resources.

  • Over 7,800 people receiving LGC newsletters
  • Over 550 Infinite Earth Podcast subscribers and over 54,900 podcast downloads
  • Over 3,400 livable community leaders and practitioners connected through in-person events
  • Over 1,000 tweets and reposts; over 600 Facebook likes; over 700 Twitter followers; and over 158,300 website hits

Advancing Policies

LGC provided 22 comment or support letters on legislation, testified before the Assembly Local Government committee, participated in 24 presentations, panels and interviews, engaged 86 agencies in policy-related actions, and facilitated 7 policy workshops. Policy resources developed include 2 policy guidebooks and 12 policy fact sheets.