2018 Yosemite Policymakers Conference

2018 Yosemite Policymakers Conference

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California mayors, city council members, county supervisors, city managers and other high level department heads all came together in the middle of the breathtaking beauty of Yosemite National Park at the 27th Annual Building Livable Communities Conference in March 2018.

This popular conference always features a timely and inspirational agenda designed to provide California’s policymakers with tools and innovative solutions to address community needs.

Yosemite Policymakers Conference Participants

2018 Yosemite Policymakers Conference

Challenging times open the door for creativity and innovation – and last year certainly had its challenges. From federal decisions that compel us to expand and accelerate our state’s leadership on resource stewardship and social justice to firestorms that devastated northern and southern communities and forests, there was no shortage of immediate needs and long-term problems to tackle.

Californians are resilient and local leaders are stepping forward into 2018 with even more passion and persistence.

The 27th Annual Yosemite Conference will equip local policymakers with practical strategies and accessible tools to implement innovative solutions with a focus on recovering from immediate economic, social and environmental challenges while increasing longer-term community resilience to prosper in the future.

The conference program will cover a broad range of issues, from recovering from natural disasters and shifts to important federal affordable housing tools to improving resilience in a rapidly changing environment. Our speakers will discuss emerging trends and promising strategies on topics including decarbonization, Community Choice Aggregation, autonomous vehicles and social mobility.

At this ever-popular conference, local thought leaders will discover new partners, renewed inspiration and a united resolve to make lasting changes that will lead to a stronger, healthier, more equitable communities.

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The Yosemite Policymakers Conference is presented by the Local Government Commission.

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