The Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change

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The Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change will be conducting its fourth public meeting on Thursday, August 1, 4:00 – 7:30 pm at the CalSTRS Boardroom in West Sacramento. The meeting will discuss recommendations for the Mobility sector that aim to reach the City of Sacramento and City of West Sacramento’s target of carbon zero by 2045. Presentations and discussions will be centered around the priority carbon zero strategies for the Mobility sector, as well as an amendment to the built environment strategy #1, an update on the City of West Sacramento’s Climate Action Plan timeline, community engagement, and more.

The meeting will be open to the public and allow for public comments regarding the Commission’s work. An RSVP is not required to attend.

Future Public Meeting Dates
  • Mobility, Part II   |   August 28, 2019
  • Community Health & Resiliency, Part I   |  October 23, 2019
  • Community Health & Resiliency, Part II   |   December 2, 2019

In order to reach Carbon Zero by 2045, the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change prioritized three draft strategies for the Built Environment.

Review the draft recommendations here.

Sustainable Regional Growth

Focus on facilitating and supporting future growth in areas consistent with the regional Sustainable Communities Strategy1 , with an emphasis on catalyzing infill and transformation in existing centers and corridors. All growth should be consistent with Blueprint2 principles of compact communities, natural resource conservation, productive use of existing assets, housing diversity, and mixed use.

Electrification: New Construction

Mandate all-electric construction to eliminate fossil fuel use in new buildings by 2023.

Electrification: Existing Buildings

Transition 25% of existing residential and small commercial buildings to all-electric by 2030.

We asked students at the University Climate Change Summit to share their vision for a sustainable future in Sacramento and West Sacramento. Here's what they said:
Key Sectors
The Commission will include experts and community leaders who will convene public meetings and conduct roundtable discussions with business leaders and other key stakeholders. Subgroups will dive deep into three key sectors – the built environment, mobility, and community health and resilience – and create recommendations to take to the full Commission for consideration.

Mayor Steinberg and Mayor Cabaldon recognize how critical it is to prepare for the impacts of climate change in our region, including rising temperatures, droughts, fires, and floods. We must not only combat these impacts to improve our environment and public health but also to ensure a thriving business environment that attracts workers and investments into the city.

With an urgent need to take action, Mayor Steinberg and Mayor Cabaldon are leading the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change to develop a common vision and set of strategies for both cities to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions, referred to as Carbon Zero, by 2045. The Commission aims to:

  1. Establish goals and priority areas of action to achieve Carbon Zero by 2045
  2. Strengthen local and regional partnerships to address climate change and increase resiliency
  3. Engage community members and business leaders to build political support for robust climate action
  4. Provide a forum to develop and vet the guiding principles of ambitious strategies within the City of Sacramento and West Sacramento’s Climate Action Plans
  5. Advance social equity and economic prosperity
  6. Attract additional investments into the region
Anne Stausboll
Commission Chair
Meg Arnold
Project Lead / Consultant at Valley Vision
Alberto Ayala
Executive Director of Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
Stephanie Bray
President and CEO of United Way California Capital Region
James Corless
CEO for the Sacramento Area Council of Governments
Steve Hansen
Vice Mayor of Sacramento
Chris Ledesma
Mayor Pro Tem of West Sacramento
Henry Li
General Manager / CEO of Sacramento Regional Transit
Laurie Litman
President of 350 Sacramento
Nikky Mohanna
Principal at Mohanna Development
Khaim Morton
Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce
Robert Nelsen
President of California State University, Sacramento
Arlen Orchard
CEO and General Manager of SMUD
Trish Rodriguez
Senior Vice President / Area Manager for Kaiser Permanente in South Sacramento and Elk Grove
Dave Tanner
CEO of the Sacramento Association of Realtors
Mike Teel
Owner and Chairman of Raley's
April Wick
Executive Director at the Resources For Independent Living
Mackenzie Wieser
Planning Commissioner at the City of Elk Grove
Supporting Staff
Julia Burrows
Senior Policy Advisory at Mayor Steinberg's Office
Julia Kim
Senior Project Manager at the Local Government Commission
Kate Meis
Executive Director of the Local Government Commission
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