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Commission Meeting # 7 – RESCHEDULING

Please note that the next meeting of the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change is currently being rescheduled. The March 11th meeting is no longer taking place. Please stay tuned!

The next meeting will include progress reports on Commission activities, community engagement, and each city’s Climate Action Plan update process. The Equity Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will present its final recommendations for discussion and action. The Commission will also hear reports from the Finance TAC, Business Roundtables, TAC integration activities, and more.

We asked students at the University Climate Change Summit at Sacramento State to share their vision for a sustainable future in Sacramento and West Sacramento.

Here’s what they shared with us:

Mayor Darrell Steinberg, City of Sacramento

“By working together, we can accelerate and shape the transition to a clean energy economy that’s already occurring to ensure that it benefits our local businesses and residents. We can strengthen Sacramento’s position as a hub for investment in clean technologies and promote social equity and economic prosperity for all.”

Mayor Christopher Cabaldon, City of West Sacramento

“The City of West Sacramento is partnering with the City of Sacramento on this effort to provide input and feedback on climate policies that can not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but promote our shared goals for equitable mobility and sustainable communities. We look forward to adding our perspective to this collective effort, resulting in strategies that can have a truly regional impact.”

Priority Sectors

To inform the work of the Commission, several Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) have been established, focusing on Built Environment, Mobility, and Community Health & Resiliency, as well as a new TAC on Finance. Each TAC, comprised of technical experts and community leaders, will develop and present recommendations for the Commission to consider. In addition to the TACs, a series of Equity and Business Roundtables will be conducted to support the Commission in its objective to advance social equity and economic prosperity.


What is the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change?

Mayor Steinberg and Mayor Cabaldon recognize how critical it is to prepare for the impacts of climate change in our region, including rising temperatures, droughts, fires, and floods. We must not only combat these impacts to improve our environment and public health but also to ensure a thriving business environment that attracts workers and investments into the city.

With an urgent need to take action, Mayor Steinberg and Mayor Cabaldon are leading the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change to develop a common vision and set of strategies for both cities to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions, referred to as Carbon Zero, by 2045. The Commission aims to:

  1. Establish goals and priority areas of action to achieve Carbon Zero by 2045
  2. Strengthen local and regional partnerships to address climate change and increase resiliency
  3. Engage community members and business leaders to build political support for robust climate action
  4. Provide a forum to develop and vet the guiding principles of ambitious strategies within the City of Sacramento and West Sacramento’s Climate Action Plans
  5. Advance social equity and economic prosperity
  6. Attract additional investments into the region


Anne Stausboll

Commission Chair

Meg Arnold

Project Lead / Consultant, Valley Vision

Alberto Ayala

Executive Director, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

Stephanie Bray

President and CEO, United Way California Capital Region

James Corless

CEO, Sacramento Area Council of Governments

Steve Hansen

Vice Mayor, City of Sacramento

Chris Ledesma

Mayor Pro Tem, City of West Sacramento

Henry Li

General Manager and CEO, Sacramento Regional Transit

Laurie Litman

President, 350 Sacramento

Nikky Mohanna

Principal, Mohanna Development

Amanda Blackwood

President & CEO, Search Results Web Result with Site Links Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce

Robert Nelsen

President, California State University, Sacramento

Arlen Orchard

CEO and General Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Nailah Pope-Harden

Director, Nailah Outreach Consulting

Trish Rodriguez

Senior VP and South Sacramento and Elk Grove Area Manager, Kaiser Permanente

Dave Tanner

CEO, Sacramento Association of Realtors

Mike Teel

Owner and Chairman, Raley's

April Wick

Executive Director, Resources For Independent Living

Mackenzie Wieser

Planning Commissioner, City of Elk Grove

Supporting Staff

Julia Burrows

Senior Policy Advisor, City of Sacramento Mayor's Office

Julia Kim

Senior Project Manager, Local Government Commission

Kate Meis

Executive Director, Local Government Commission

Helena Rhim

Project Manager, Local Government Commission
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