The Energize Fresno case study and tools allow decision-makers to continue to optimize the value of future projects in Fresno. Beyond Fresno, these tools can be adapted for use in other cities, allowing the deployment of future advanced energy projects to proceed more quickly and efficiently.

Energize Fresno Overview
Mapping Local Capacities
Leveraging Funding & Financing Opportunities
Developing a Project Pipeline
Program Results
Energize Fresno Overview

These documents provide a high-level overview of the Energize Fresno program design process, results, and resources.

Fact Sheet

Project Flowchart

Technical Roadmap

Energize Fresno Overview Presentation

AEC Webinar: Energize Fresno Presentation

Mapping Local Capacities

In order ensure the deployment of high quality, cost-effective projects that would contribute to community prosperity, the Energize Fresno team first conducted background research to learn more about the municipal, commercial, and community stakeholder engagement opportunities in the City of Fresno.

Community Scope Report

Community Delivery Capacity Profile Report

Community Organizations Database

Leveraging Funding & Financing Opportunities

Successful deployment of advanced energy technologies also requires an aggregated view of funding opportunities to best layer and leverage available market-ready products. To assess funding opportunities for Energize Fresno projects, the team developed a funding toolkit that includes a database of funding and financing products, a funding taxonomy defining the array of existing products in the market, and a funding layering methodology for deploying advanced energy technologies. Using these tools, the team analyzed each project to identify options for funding advanced energy technology improvements.

Funding Integration Report

Funding Market Study

Beta Funding Platform

Developing a Project Pipeline

The Energize Fresno team then developed a comprehensive project pipeline process to demonstrate (1) the various project pipeline components, (2) the pipeline development and analysis process, (3) the resource savings from the pipeline, (4) the process by which the projects will support the buildout of development sites and activity centers, (5) the implementation process for the program components of the pipeline, and (6) how the performance of the portfolio will be measured, verified and reported.

Project Pipeline Report

Inventory of Verification Protocol & Technical Resources Memorandum

Program Results

The Energize Fresno Master Community design is the result of a comprehensive planning process based on input from a wide range of community stakeholders and robust technical analysis. It combines the outputs and resources from the EPIC Phase I planning grant process into a package of information for Fresno decision makers and for use in other cities, to understand, develop, and support an Advanced Energy Community.

Master Community Design

Master Community Design Appendix

Project Specific Details

Revised Potential Fresno Green Development Framework

Project Savings Results

Project Heat Map Evaluation

Local & State Policy Database

Policy Map

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