LGC Webinar — Tax Foreclosure Reform and Land Banking: A New Approach for Creating Strong Neighborhoods

Webinar—Tax Foreclosure Reform and Land Banking: A New Approach for Creating Strong Neighborhoods

The wave of foreclosed properties have resulted in neighborhoods plagued with vacant, abandoned, and neglected properties that are attracting vandalism; threatening neighborhood safety and stability; and driving down property values (and thus tax revenues collected by local governments!). This situation has been exacerbated with the loss of redevelopment, leaving local governments without sufficient financial tools to address blight and stabilize neighborhoods.

The Local Government Commission and the San Joaquin Valley Partnership invites you to join us for a special webinar featuring Amy Hovey (Interim President/CEO of the Center for Community Progress) who will share her organization’s innovative work with local governments across the nation to efficiently and effectively recover unpaid taxes while creating a sustainable revenue source for neighborhood revitalization.

By participating in this webinar, you will learn more about two key tools – land banking and tax foreclosure reform. Our special guest speaker, Amy Hovey, will provide an overview of the issues at play in the current tax foreclosure system and provide examples of how the Center for Community Progress has worked with communities across the nation to reform, modify, and adapt their current tax foreclosure system to allow for more efficient tax collection while generating funds for community stabilization efforts. Hovey will also provide an overview of how local governments have used land banking to gain public control of abandoned property; assemble parcels for residential, recreational, commercial and industrial redevelopment; and empower communities to reverse the social and economic consequences of neglected and abandoned property.

As of now, these tools are not being used in California. Therefore, a dialog with webinar participants will follow Hovey’s presentation to gain a better understanding of how the foreclosure crisis is impacting your community and if there is a need and interest for these tools in California.

Those that should plan on participating in the webinar include local elected officials; city managers/county administrative officers; and public agency staff responsible for community development, economic development and/or housing.

A recording of the webinar and individual presentations are now available.

For more information about Center of Community Progress, please visit: www.communityprogress.net.