Are you interested in equitable, sustainable solutions to transform your community into a healthier and more prosperous place to live? If you want to make your community truly great, then apply here to become a member of the Local Government Commission.

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The primary contact for an agency serves as the point of contact between LGC and that agency for the purposes of invoicing. Each agency is allowed up to 10 members. All members will receive communications from LGC as outlined in the Membership benefits.

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In an effort to better serve our members, the Local Government Commission will send out a brief survey to each applicant listed above.

Focus Area / Assistance / Community Vision / Mentorship (All Except Agencies)

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Community Vision and Smart Growth Successes

In an effort to better meet the needs of our members we would like to gather some information regarding our members' vision for a great community and smart growth successes.

In a few words, describe your vision for a great community. For example, you might discuss what a healthy, livable community means to you; how smart growth and equity strategies could strengthen your community; or simply why you are interested in smart growth.

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Please share any recent smart growth successes in your community (e.g., downtown revitalization, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, mixed use development project, a new farmers’ market, etc).

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Would you like to be partnered with a fellow local leader for advice or mentorship on a particular topic?

Local Government Commission Membership Pledge

The Local Government Commission is a nonpartisan group of local elected officials, city/county government staff and associated professionals who share a deep and abiding commitment for transforming our communities into better places to live.

We are committed to leadership in advancing policies and implementation that link sustainable, equitable development with economic growth.

From revitalizing our main streets and downtowns, to preserving open space and the character of our rural communities, we believe long-term economic success, socially equitable opportunities and environmental sustainability are created by building healthy, resource-efficient access to jobs, housing, food, open space, services and education for everyone.

We support investing in our existing communities and creating healthy, vibrant places where everyone can live, work and play; where seniors can safely age in place and where the needs of the underserved are addressed so that all residents can enjoy a high quality of life. Such communities are not only great places to live, they attract businesses and create jobs, thereby boosting economic growth and prosperity.

As an advocate for smart growth, I believe the smart growth principles outlined in the Ahwahnee Principles) work to achieve these outcomes and I accept the invitation to become a member of the Local Government Commission.