Reminder: Get Involved in the CA Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee

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Interested in how energy efficiency funding and programs will be offered in the coming years? The California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee is a new entity put in place by a CPUC Decision last year to help the public and key stakeholders engage with the Program Administrators of energy efficiency ratepayer dollars: the state’s four investor-owned utilities (PG&E, SCE, SoCal Gas and SDG&E), the two Regional Energy Networks (SoCal REN and BayREN), and MCE.

Program Administrators are required to submit business plans for these programs to the CPUC November 1st. Review presentations and comments shared so far, and sign up for updates, and ask questions at the website. Need background on the Coordinating Committee and energy efficiency program planning? Check out this FAQ here. Recaps of the Public Sector meetings earlier this year are also available.