Empower Procurement Opportunities

Empower Procurement Local Government Survey – complete by April 12!

Empower Procurement provides organizations with access to strategic research and analysis, tailored to their specific needs and goals. Please take this survey so we can better understand local government procurement needs to inform the services we provide to local jurisdictions. To learn more about Empower Procurement visit www.empowerprocurement.com or sign up for updates.

WEBINAR SERIES: Benchmarking for Carbon-Conscious Purchasing

This webinar series brought to you by Energy Solutions and Prospect Silicon Valley will provide you with the knowledge and resources to assess and improve how your organization conducts benchmarking for sustainability outcomes. Benchmarking for carbon-conscious purchasing will focus on benchmarking as it relates to the procurement of DER products and services.

March 31, 2–3pm: MODULE 2 – Benchmarking through the Roles, Rules, and Tools Framework: Roles

We will be exploring the function of roles in the Roles, Rules, and Tools methodology. Assigning someone or a team to specifically oversee sustainable procurement enables an organization to prioritize sustainable procurement and streamline product purchasing decisions and transactions. Register here.

May 5, 2–3pm: MODULE 3 – Benchmarking through the Roles, Rules, and Tools Framework: Rules

Continuing our discussion of the Roles, Rules, and Tools methodology, this webinar will be focusing on how establishing procurement “rules” can contribute to successful sustainable purchasing. These can be integrated seamlessly into your Climate Action Plan or other organizational guidelines. Registration coming soon. 

June 2, 2–3pm: MODULE 4 – Benchmarking through the Roles, Rules, and Tools Framework: Tools

Concluding our three-part series on the Roles, Rules, and Tools methodology, our final webinar will be examining the available tools, platforms, and resources available that can facilitate sustainable purchasing. Registration coming soon.