Keeping California Cool with Local Actions for Climate Change

by California Air Resources Board (CARB)

Did you know that 64% of California’s population is covered by a climate action plan (CAP)? According to research by Prof. Boswell at California Polytechnic State University, as of 2019, 181 California cities and 21 counties have CAPs, accounting for 63% of California’s total 2010 emissions!

As the lead agency for climate change programs and air pollution control efforts in California, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) supports local government CAP development and implementation through our toolkits, resources, funding, and research. CAP development and implementation is a key strategy for local governments to help California meet its long-term climate goals. 

For local governments, we aim to make it easier to develop and implement CAPs through the suite of resources.

1. Make a Plan

Our Climate Action Resource Guide provides a six step process for creating and implementing a CAP. Looking for the latest greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory tools? We’ve got you covered. Searching for the State of California’s GHG emission reduction targets? We have those, too! 

If we don’t have the information you’re looking for, then contact the team and we’ll find the right person.

2. Take Action

Our Local Government Toolkit has strategies and tools to help you find the right action to take. 

Strategy Documentation: We have recommended strategies backed by CARB research available on the website. 

Climate Action Portal Map: The CAP-Map is an interactive, online map with all of the CAPs and CAP strategies in the state. The interactive platform allows the user to search for CAP strategies, find relevant jurisdictions by filtering, and explore and export relevant data.

California Local Government Climate Policy Tool: Powered by research from UC Berkeley, the California Local Government Climate Policy Tool allows you to see how proposed policies would reduce GHG emissions in your community or jurisdiction. Providing a side-by-side look at jurisdiction, this is a helpful tool that provides a research-based scale of potential solutions. 

3. Find Climate Action Implementation Support (Funding)

Taking action is not always easy, but we want to help local jurisdictions implement sustainability and climate-related projects. 

The Funding Wizard is a searchable database of grants, rebates and incentives available in California — gathered all in one place —to help you pay for sustainable projects. The Funding Wizard team combs the internet for funding opportunities in categories such as energy, air quality, climate change, transportation, urban development, waste management, and water. Our newest update to the Funding Wizard includes improved filtering capabilities and the ability to search by zipcode, city, county, air district, and more!

Not sure how much money is available under the Carl Moyer program? The new Carl Moyer On-Road Grant Calculator is here to help. Fill in the relevant information when prompted, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

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