SoCalREN Public Agency Programs Project Spotlight: Ventura Unified School District

by SoCalREN

In March of 2020, SoCalREN helped Ventura Unified School District (VUSD) to complete an interior lighting upgrade project at 14 of their elementary and middle schools. VUSD serves 18 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, and 5 high schools across Ventura County and is committed to ensuring their schools are healthy, green, and connected to the coast and community. 

VUSD secured $2.2M through Proposition 39 and wanted to ensure their funds were used as effectively as possible. The District utilized SoCalREN’s expertise to provide financial analysis, navigate utility energy efficiency programs, and ensure the project met all Proposition 39 requirements. To take advantage of the maximum amount of incentives, VUSD participated in SCE’s Public Sector Performance-Based Retrofit Program, which measures energy savings based on actual metered energy consumption.

VUSD is benefiting from the improved lighting quality and reduced maintenance costs this energy efficiency project has brought to their 14 facilities. In addition to creating better visibility in the classrooms and schools, the energy cost savings realized from this project can be allocated to other education priorities. By implementing energy efficiency upgrades, VUSD models leadership in energy action and sustainability while creating a learning environment where students and teachers can thrive. Congratulations to VUSD on their accomplishment! 

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