Path to Positive Communities

American Attitudes on a Green New Deal

The Green New Deal has been making headlines for a while and is a significant talking point among the 2020 Democratic candidates for president. Although the GND has been portrayed as an extreme solution, recent polling indicates that most Americans support many aspects of it. ecoAmerica has done research with national polling firm Lake Research Partners to analyze American attitudes further, so that policy makers can better understand what solutions the public wants to see.

This Local Government Commission/ecoAmerica webinar discusses where the debate on the GND — and American support for clean energy and green job creation — may be leading us, and how local communities are responding.

Leadership and Action on Climate & Sustainability

Path to Positive Communities LogoCommunities large and small across America and the world are taking up the mantle on energy, sustainability, and climate solutions. Solutions are ever more viable and the imperatives ever more pressing. Benefits span the gamut from healthier, more livable and prosperous communities, to property values and reduced costs.

It’s Time To Act

Local climate solutions require visible leadership, practical policies, and robust community engagement of citizens and stakeholders from all sectors of the community.

Local Government Commission and ecoAmerica’s Path to Positive Communities program are partnering to provide you with the proven strategies and resources you need to determine and implement the best opportunities for your community.
You can begin by choosing visible, clear actions to mitigate pollution, reduce risk, and build public support and political will for local climate and sustainability solutions. Here’s how:
1 — Review the Getting Started guide.

Learn the essential steps of good local engagement, and to explore how our tools and resources can help in your town.

2 — Review the “Let’s Talk Climate and Communities” guide and other resources.

Visit the Path to Positive Communities website to learn more about American climate values and best practices for effective climate communications and engagement.

3 — Join us online and at LGC conferences for Path to Positive Communities briefings and webinars.

Delve more deeply into the program and recieve answers to questions you might have about effective local climate action and engagement.

4 — Stay in touch by subscribing to the Path to Positive Communities monthly newsletter.

As we continue to build the program over the next couple of years, we’ll steadily build up more resources, and keep you posted on peer leader successes.