Resilient SLO’s Baseline Conditions Report is now available for review! Scroll down to read the full document or individual chapters.

Resilient SLO

An initiative led by the City of San Luis Obispo to improve community resilience to the worsening impacts of climate change.

Stories of a Resilient SLO

Join your neighbors for this online gathering on January 28, 2021, 6:00 – 7:30 PM!

The event will be centered around community storytellers who will share their lived experiences overcoming challenges and disasters. The event will also highlight opportunities for community members to provide input on their priorities to make SLO more resilient to community vulnerabilities. The event is open to all community members.

Share your Stories of Resilience!

Our community has a history of overcoming challenges and recovering from natural disasters.

In times of natural disasters and shocks, the San Luis Obispo community has demonstrated strength and the ability to bounce back. We want to understand how community members have overcome past challenges to inform Resilient SLO, a City initiative to prepare for, and adapt to, the worsening impacts of climate change. Help us build upon your existing strengths as we craft our shared vision for community resilience!

We want to hear your stories!

Do you have a story about how your community responded to a challenge? This could be a story about you or your business, a community organization, your family and friends, or your neighborhood.  This could be from long ago or today. Tell us about your experience managing extreme heat this summer, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, wildfire smoke events, or any other issue that has impacted our community. Through your stories, we want to understand and celebrate how you successfully overcame challenges impacting our community.

Resilient SLO Baseline Conditions Report

The Baseline Conditions Report (Report) is now available for review!

The Report has been developed to provide a baseline of the City’s current natural hazards that will continue to be affected by climate change in the future. The Report also provides a baseline for key demographic and economic characteristics of the community that are likely to be affected by climate change. The Report serves as the first step in the development of the City’s comprehensive climate change vulnerability assessment and provides a historical frame of reference to understand how climate change will affect the City. The Report will not go through formal adoption by City Council but rather serves to provide important background information to the public for future steps of the Resilient SLO planning process.

Join the Resilient SLO Resilience Roundtable!

We are forming a Resilience Roundtable, a community-led stakeholder group that will guide the approach and focus of Resilient SLO, provide input during critical points in the project timeline, and build City and stakeholder capacity to analyze and address climate impacts. The Roundtable will be made up of approximately 15 members and may include representatives from state, regional, and local agencies; professors from Cal Poly and other regional institutions; representatives from the Central Coast Climate Collaborative; public health officials; business owners; community organizations; and both traditional and non-traditional experts in climate adaptation.

Roundtable members will oversee a set of Working Groups focused on specific climate hazards and community vulnerabilities, such as wildfire, extreme heat, flooding, and more. Working Groups will be facilitated by two Roundtable members and comprised of stakeholders and community members who are not Roundtable members but have relevant experience.

The application period for the Resilience Roundtable is now closed. However, there is still time to apply to be a member of a working group.

Stay in the loop on Resilient SLO!

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About Resilient SLO

Facing growing flood, heat, and wildfire risks, the City of San Luis Obispo launched Resilient SLO to build local and regional capacity to adapt and build resilience to climate change impacts.

Resilient SLO is designed to be a comprehensive, innovative, and inclusive planning process – one that elevates community voice in decision-making, utilizes best-available science and practices, and focuses on the real challenges that we face in the city of San Luis Obispo: climate change, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and economic uncertainty. The Resilient SLO initiative includes the following key components and activities:

  • Robust community outreach and engagement to ensure community priorities and needs are included in the planning process with particular focus on the city’s under-served and under-resourced community members,
  • Educational activities to ensure San Luis Obispo residents and businesses are equipped with the information, strategies, and supportive resources to prepare and build resilience to climate change risks and hazards,
  • A comprehensive vulnerability assessment of the city’s physical assets, critical infrastructure, and social and economic conditions,
  • An updated Safety Element of the General Plan with identified adaptation strategies across key sectors,
  • An implementation guide that translates strategies into detailed work plans and model policies to catalyze action,
  • Trainings for City staff and supporting organizations to build our collective capacity to respond to climate change hazards and disasters, and
  • An Implementation Guide with work plans and model policies to catalyze action.

Resilient SLO is a collaborative initiative led by the City of San Luis Obispo.