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American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACE3) ACE3 is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency as a means of promoting both economic prosperity and environmental protection. Their press releases, legislative alerts and publications are an excellent resource on energy-efficiency issues in the rapidly changing energy environment.

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American Solar Energy Society (ASES) ASES is a national organization dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy for the benefit of U.S. citizens and the global environment. ASES promotes the widespread near-term and long-term use of solar energy.


Attorney Generals Website

The CA Attorney General’s Global Warming site which offers resources including: information on CEQA and NEPA and speeches/testimony from the Attorney General.


Ballot Box Planning and Growth Management

This guidebook addresses some of the issues that local governments and community activists need to consider when pursuing “ballot box zoning” or other techniques to manage growth.     Download the Report: Ballot Box Planning and Growth Management PDF, 1 MB Authors: By William Fulton, et al. Published: August 2002 Pages: 18

Barriers to Low Impact Development

While many communities understand the benefits of Low Impact Development (LID), getting LID projects built has been difficult. In an effort to address this issue, the Southern California Stormwater Monitoring Coalition (SMC) commissioned the Local Government Commission (LGC) in partnership with the Center for Water and Land Use at University of California, Davis Extension (UCDE)…

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Best Practices Guide for Virtual Engagement

The LGC has released a new best practices document for virtual engagement covering topics such as key considerations when it comes to effective virtual engagement, outreach strategies and more along with additional tools and resources. Virtual Engagement Best Practices Guide (PDF) Funding for this document provided by the Water Foundation.


Bring Water and Land Use Together – Report Highlights

Download Report Highlights as PDF California is moving toward a more holistic approach to managing our water and land resources as the 21st century unfolds. In 2005, the California Legislature passed new laws that enable communities to join together to adopt Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) policies and practices. This comprehensive planning approach considers water...

Brochure: Leadership for Livable Communities during COVID-19

Our goal is to be clear-eyed about the current reality and the long-term impacts, but pragmatically optimistic about our ability to respond.

Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP) BCAP provides custom-tailored assistance on energy code adoption to state and local regulatory and legislative bodies and helps coordinate other supporters representing environmental and energy interests, consumers, labor and industry.

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Building Livable Communities With Transit

By Paul Zykofsky, AICP, Director, LGC Center for Livable Communities Livable communities are hot. In a speech on January 11, 1999, Vice President Gore unveiled the Administration’s Livability Agenda while announcing a wide range of measures to assist state and local governments to plan for smart growth.

Building More Livable Communities – Design Guidelines for Multifamily Housing

Prepared by the Local Government Commission based on HUD’s Affordable Housing Design Advisor ( “Design Consideration Checklist” and the City of Sacramento’s Multifamily Residential Design Principles.

CA Climate Change Portal

Background information and new releases from the Governor on Climate Change & Greenhouse Gas emissions in addition to resources and Climate Change proceedings from members of the governor’s Climate Action Team.

CA Climate Registry

A non-profit public/private partnership that serves as a voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) registry to protect, encourage, and promote early actions to reduce GHG emissions.

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CA Department of Water Resources California Water Plan

The California Water Plan provides a framework for water managers, legislators, and the public to consider options and make decisions regarding California’s water future. The Plan, which is updated every five years, presents basic data and information on California’s water resources including water supply evaluations and assessments of agricultural, urban, and environmental water uses to…

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California Bay-Delta Authority

A cooperative effort of 20 state & fed. Agencies working with local communities to improve the quality and reliability of CA water supplies & revive the San Francisco Bay-Delta ecosystem.

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California Energy Commission

The Energy Commission has an active role in climate change issues including:  AB 32 Implementation, Greenhouse Gases Emission Standards Rulemaking, the 2006 Update to the Greenhouse Gas Inventory, CEC Climate Change Advisory Committee, California Climate Action Registry Rulemaking Proceeding, and Research into Climate Change through the Public Interest Energy Research Program and the California Climate…

California Energy Commission (CEC) This extensive web site features information concerning current Energy Commission projects and activities, renewables programs, publications, news databases, an energy education tool, and a directory of over 1,000 energy-related internet sites.

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California Jurisdictions Addressing Climate Change

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) has prepared a list of plans and initiatives adopted by California Jurisdictions to address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These plans typically involve setting GHG emission reduction goals and adopting implementation measures to achieve those goals. This information is from OPR’s 2012 Annual Planning Survey.


California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) The California Public Utilities Commission regulates the services and rates of more than 25,000 investor-owned utilities and transportation companies. The web site includes electric industry restructuring information, consumer information, and listings of CPUC meetings, agendas, and minutes.

California Watershed Assessment Manual

Guidelines for assessing and monitoring conditions in a watershed.

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