Ahwahnee Principles for Smart Economic Development

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Ahwahnee Principles for Smart Economic Development




Prosperity in the 21st century will be based on creating and maintaining a sustainable standard of living and a high quality of life for all. To meet this challenge, a new comprehensive model is emerging which embraces economic, social, and environmental responsibility and recognizes the economic value of natural and human capital.

This approach focuses on the most critical building blocks for success — the community and the region. While each community and region is unique, this policymakers’ guidebook examines 15 common principles that should guide an integrated approach to promoting economic vitality and regional partnerships for all communities.

This guidebook will help communities to implement a comprehensive set of principles for building prosperous and livable places. Its ideas take policymakers from “ribbon-cutting to results.”

As communities are devising ways to balance economic development with neighborhood preservation, we are looking for models. This guidebook will be invaluable.

-Rosemary Corbin, Mayor of Richmond, CA.

Included in the 75-page guidebook are chapters on:

  • Industry Clusters
  • Wired Communities
  • Long-Term Community Development
  • Reinvesting in Existing Communities
  • Local Collaboration and Global Competitiveness
  • Compact Development
  • City Centers and Capitalizing on A Sense of Place
  • Regional Collaboration
  • Environmental and Corporate Responsibility

What are the 15
Ahwahnee Principles
for Smart Economic Development

Authors: Rick Cole, Trish Kelly and Judy Corbett with Sharon Sprowls
Published: Summer 2001
Pages: 75