About the Implementing AB 32 Site

About the Implementing AB 32 Site

To work toward assuring that the investment of California State infrastructure dollars and grants and loans to local government are spent in a manner that is consistent with the goals of the state’s smart growth planning priorities (AB 857, 2002, chapter 1016) and greenhouse gas reduction goals (AB 32, 2006).

This web page is administered by the Local Government Commission (LGC) with assistance from Planning and Conservation League Foundation.

In November 2006, California voters approved $43 billion dollars for new infrastructure investments. With proper direction from the legislature and the state agencies administering these and other monies, funds can be steered to investments that will support “smart growth” land use and development patterns, with significant economic, social equity, and environmental benefits, including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

This website will provide up-to-date information on bills related to infrastructure investments, the process and the timeline of state infrastructure dollars available to local governments and the development of administrative guidelines by state agencies.