“Watt’s” Going on, California?

The Local Government Commission, California State Association of Counties, League of California Cities, and California Park and Recreation Society teamed up to provide an energy conservation program cities and counties can deliver to their residents and businesses. We believe local government can play a vital role in the conservation of energy.

This program was cosponsored by: Aera Energy LLC, California Municipal Utilities Commission, LSI, SGI Integrated Graphics Systems, Musco Lighting, and LLC West Region. We greatly appreciate their contributions to this important program.

The following materials are provided in PDF and PageMaker formats, and can be customized for your city/county. Graphics used in the PageMaker files are also included at the bottom. Right-click (or for a Mac, click and hold) on the PDF or PageMaker icons to download the linked files you want.

Energy Conservation Tool Kit HandbookAdobe Format (324 KB)

Sample Brochures:

  • Energy Conservation Tips for Residences – Adobe Format (16 KB) Pagemaker Format (567 KB)
  • Experience “Watt’s” Going On – Adobe Format (14 KB) Pagemaker Format (635 KB)
  • Road Safety During Rotating Blackouts –  Adobe Format (15 KB) Pagemaker Format (251 KB)

Other Samples:

  • Public Service Announcements –  Adobe Format (80 KB) Pagemaker Format (254 KB)
  • Table Tent Artwork –  Adobe Format (19 KB) Pagemaker Format (446 KB)

Graphics used with PageMaker documents: