January 2006

  • News On The New Partners Conference
  • Knitting Our People And Neighborhoods Back Together
  • Designed For Healthy Living

February 2006

  • The Environmental Causes Of Childhood Obesity
  • Regions Address Childhood Obesity
  • Want New Partners Conference Information?
  • Higher Density Protects Water Resources

March 2006

  • Balancing Needs for Parking Spaces and Community Places
  • Could Current Land Use Codes Be Bad for Your Health?
  • Creating Neighborhoods for Healthy Kids

April 2006

  • Urban-Light Living — A New Residential Option
  • New Resources
  • Guidelines for Urban Thoroughfares
  • A Tool to Assess Flood Risks in Your Neighborhood
  • Study Shows Poor Planning Harms Health in Several Ways

May 2006

  • Practical Approaches To Your Parking Problems
  • National Smart Growth Conference Comes to Los Angeles in 2007!
  • Form-Based Codes Catching on Everywhere
  • Katrina Sparking Innovation

June 2006

  • Using Public / Private Partnerships To Get What You Want
  • Yet Another Imperative for Smart Growth
  • Bicycles Assume Increasing Importance as a Commute Option
  • APA Makes Model Codes Available

July 2006

  • The Continuing Transformation of the Big Box
  • Only Unless We Have To
  • Cities Put Limits On Retail Chains
  • Community Gardens, Good for More Than Fresh Produce
  • Streets That Serve Multiple Transportation Modes

August 2006

  • 21st Century Technology Gathers Input From Disengaged Voters
  • Cities Employ Smart Growth for Community Economic Development
  • Guidebook on the Ahwahnee Water Principles Now Available

September 2006

  • Studies Reveal Narrower Street Widths Are Safer
  • Public Health Professionals Concerned About Land Use Decisions
  • What IS Smart Growth?
  • Toolkit for Affordable Housing Development
  • Corrections from the August LPU Issue

October 2006

  • County Looks Beyond Piecemeal Planning
  • Cities Look To Zone Out Junk Food
  • Expanding Waistlines Creep North
  • Study Reveals Strong Voter Support for Public Transportation
  • What’s The Key to Getting the Development We Want?
  • Time to Sign Up!: February 2007 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference In Los Angles

November 2006

  • Communities Use LEED Standards To Turn Green
  • Affordability Tied To Housing Location
  • Ahwahnee Conference To Offer Ideas for Moving Smart Growth Forward
  • Bits and Tips for Implementing Smart Growth

December 2006

  • New Partners for Smart Growth Conference Comes To LA
  • Growing Opportunities for Land Conservation
  • Conserving Open Space in the Face of a Growing Population
  • Research Studies Cost of Sprawl
  • The Revenue Generating Potential Of Parking Lots