January 2007

  • Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez to Address New Partners for Smart Growth Conference
  • The New Partners conference is coming up fast!
  • Healthy Eating and Active Living — The Local Government Role

February 2007

  • New Partners for Smart Growth Conference Update
  • Strategies to Guide Urbanization
  • Form-Based Code as an Urbanization Strategy
  • Global Warming Issue Catches Fire
  • One City’s Steps Toward Reducing Global Warming
  • A Response to McMansions

March/April 2007

  • Need for Sustainable Communities Grows in Urgency
  • New Partners Conference Presentations Available
  • New Partners Conference Goes to Washington, D.C.
  • Shoupism – Using Market Forces to Solve Parking Problems
  • Economic Impacts of Land Use Decisions
  • Green Stormwater Toolbox Available

May 2007

  • Local Food Production – A Single Answer to Multiple Problems?
  • California’s Water Future
  • Santa Barbara Invites Health to the Planning Table

June 2007

  • Good News From the Grocery Industry
  • Seniors A Growing Constituency for Neighborhood Markets
  • County Addresses Global Warming in General Plan
  • San Jose Raises Bar for Municipal Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals
  • Buildings in Chicago Turning Green

July 2007

  • The Affordable Housing Crisis – What’s a City or County To Do?

August 2007

  • Californians Take Global Warming Seriously
  • Expect Big Boxes To Be Willing To Downsize
  • Cities Complete Their Streets
  • A New Resource for Bringing Back the Older Suburbs
  • Getting the Development You Really Want
  • 2008 New Partners Conference Goes to the Capitol!

September 2007

  • San Bernardino County in the Spotlight
  • Portland Successfully Tackles Greenhouse Gases, Builds Local Economy
  • Keep Your Kids Safe — Install Traffic Circles
  • Redevelopment Project Cuts Crime
  • Safe Routes to School Funding Available

October 2007

  • Transportation Emissions Are the Elephant in the Room in Fight Against Greenhouse Gas Pollution
  • Taming the Elephant By Growing Smarter
  • Measuring Global Warming Emissions From Current and Future Land Use Patterns
  • The Critical Role of Local Governments
  • Register Now For the 2008 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference
  • LGC Website is Tops!

November 2007

  • The Many Advantages of Traveling by Bicycle — Our Cities Respond
  • Climate Change and Highways
  • Oregon Voters Overturn Property Rights Initiative

December 2007

  • Seniors a Growing Constituency for Livable Communities
  • New Rating System for Neighborhood Design
  • Neighborhood Design as a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy
  • State of California Pushing Forward to Implement AB32