January 2008

  • Downtown Traffic: Problem or Opportunity?
  • Opponents of Narrow Streets Are Beginning to Dwindle
  • Americans In Tune With Smart Growth Policies
  • Studies Continue to Link Health and Neighborhood Design

February 2008

  • Reflections On This Year’s New Partners for Smart Growth Conference
  • A Charged Atmosphere in CA
  • Best Bets For New Development

March 2008

  • Health Officials Fight Global Warming, Support Better Land Use
  • Global Trends and Your Downtown
  • Financing Downtown Development Through BIDs
  • Child Care A Key Ingredient of Smart Growth
  • Presentations from Smart Growth Conference Now Available
  • Oregon Identifies Transportation and Land Use As Critical GHG Reduction Strategy

April 2008

  • California Air Resources Board Moves To Curb Greenhouse Gases
  • California Transportation Commission Follows Suit on AB 32 Implementation
  • To Meet Market Demand, Plan for More Infill
  • Fresno Has Plan To Turn Green
  • Important New Resources

May 2008

  • Looking for Session Proposals and Speakers for 2009 New Partners Conference
  • Enhancing Sustainability Though Historic Preservation
  • Study Links Availability of Fast Food Restaurants to Community Obesity Rates
  • State and Local Governments Will Be Major
  • Vehicle for Reducing GHG Emissions
  • Helpful Climate Change Documents from OPR
  • Climate Change and Infill Development
  • Zero Carbon Emission Development Planned
  • Quote of the Month

June 2008

  • Water, Growth and Development – Challenges for Local Government
  • Water, Growth, & Development Addressed Proactively in Amador and Calaveras Counties
  • Ahwahnee Water Principles Continue to Inform Decision Makers
  • Big Challenges Call For Bold Solutions at the Local Level
  • State of California To Propose Big Bold Solutions
  • Quote of the Month

July 2008

  • Now Is The Time To Plan Your Community’s Future
  • California Adopts Statewide Green Building Code
  • Berkeley Financing Innovation
  • Quote of the Month

August 2008

  • East Bay Mayors Link Economic Development, Regional Cooperation, and Environmental Innovation
  • CARB Hears a Unified Message – “Land Use Matters!”
  • CA Legislature Addresses Climate Change and Land Use
  • Innovative Palm Desert Plan To Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Quote of the Month

September 2008

  • Albuquerque in January — It’s Where The Action Is
  • Growing Cooler — One Year Later
  • Cities Become Home Buyers
  • Public Concerned About Global Warming, Wants Local Governments to Take Action
  • The Economic Advantages of Smart Growth
  • Stockton Takes a Lead in Addressing Global Warming
  • Quote of the Month

October 2008

  • Focus On Food Yields Surprising Facts
  • SB 375—What Does it Mean to Local Government?
  • Quote of the Month

November 2008

  • New Partners for Smart Growth Conference Visits the Great American Southwest
  • Program Focus: Local, Regional, and State Government Solutions that Address the Economic and Environmental Challenges of Today
  • Fiscal Health And Greenhouse Gas Reduction

December 2008

  • History Teaches Us That It’s Time To Plan For Future Growth NOW
  • Be Inspired, Join Us In Albuquerque
  • CA Cities Take Up the Challenge
  • Many Focus on Emissions Inventories
  • Vast Majority Implementing Policies That Address Greenhouse Gases
  • Quote of the Month