January 2009

  • Five Days in Albuquerque: A Report from the 2009 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference
  • Addressing The Mortgage Crisis – Creating Lemons from Lemonade
  • Creating Green Jobs – Making the Green Revolution Happen

February 2009

  • Strategies for Making Streets Safe
  • Use Economic Stimulus $$$ to Create More Walkable Neighborhoods
  • SB 375 Update
  • Researchers Identify Most Effective Carbon Reduction Strategies
  • From Commercial Strip to Compact Neighborhood

March 2009

  • Streets No Longer the Sole Purview of Cars
  • A Unique Opportunity to Address Climate Change

April 2009

  • Infill Study Examines Residents’ Fears and Realities
  • Creating A Quality Lifestyle In A More Dense Environment
  • An Easy, Effective Measure For Your Climate Change Plan

May 2009

  • Communities Using Stimulus Block Grants to Fund Planning Activities
  • Even More Money for Pedestrian and Bike Paths Available Now
  • Courts to Wal-Mart — You Must Address GHG Emissions!
  • The Role of Agriculture in a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

June 2009

  • Visalia’s Proactive Approach To Today’s Housing Challenges
  • Best Bets for New Development
  • Developer Notes Buyers Are Going Back To Basics
  • Federal and State Governments Set Out to Knock Down the Silos
  • New Resources For Sustainable Communities
  • Communities Reduce GHG Emissions by Reducing Dependence On The Car

July 2009

  • Cities Empower Residents to Green Their Own Streets
  • A Shovel-Ready Sidewalk Extension, Minus the Shovel
  • Smart Growth Reduces GHG Emissions AND Saves Americans Money
  • Smart Growth and Health Care Costs
  • New Local Government Resource Addresses GHG
  • Experts Tell Us, Climate Change Has Arrived
  • A New Day In Washington

August/September 2009

  • Neighborhoods of the Future — Redefining What Is Normal
  • Institute of Medicine Recommends Smart Growth
  • Transportation Research Board Calls For Compact, Mixed-Use Development as a GHG Reduction Strategy
  • Federal Entities Join Private Sector in Promoting a Multi-Pronged Approach
  • City of Berkeley’s Climate Action Plan Available Online

October 2009

  • Fresno, CA Overcomes Resistance to Narrow Streets
  • Largest Known Application of a Form-Based Code Makes History
  • A Green Codes Task Force
  • Transit’s Role in Controlling GHG Emissions
  • Transit — How Do We Pay For It?
  • Calculator Estimates the Carbon Reduction Potential of Planting Trees

November 2009

  • It’s Time To Think About Twofers
  • Green Streets As Twofers
  • Cities Looking Beyond Twofers To a More Comprehensive Approach
  • Update Your General Plan On The Cheap

December 2009

  • New Partners for Smart Growth Conference Kick-Off Plenary Features Heads of DOT, HUD and EPA
  • Diversity Scholarships Available for New Partners for Smart Growth Conference
  • Local Planning for Climate Change Catapaults to Global Prominence
  • Economic Benefits of Implementing SB 375 Detailed in a New Study
  • Yosemite Is Calling — Join Us March 18-20