January 2010

  • Focusing On What’s Already There
  • Cities and Towns Demonstrate How To Fill In The Blanks
  • State Looks to Fund Better Planning
  • The Federal Government Follows Suit
  • What To Look For in a Zoning Code

February 2010

  • Local and State Policies Pioneer the Green Economy in CA
  • Leadership for a Green CA Economy Brings Attention and New Challenges
  • Transportation Infrastructure Heads Back To The Future

March 2010

  • 19th Annual Ahwahnee Conference — An “Aha!” Moment
  • Transportation and Health — Where Our Money Goes
  • Green Jobs Key To Our Economic Future
  • What Can Local Leaders Do?
  • Some Cities and Counties Are Already Getting Started
  • Updated Energy Aware Planning Guide Provides More Ideas

April 2010

  • Economic Crisis May Offer Community Building Opportunities
  • Vancouver Uses a New Approach to Providing Community Gardens and Building Community
  • An Earth Day Message from the CEO of the Urban Land Institute
  • San Francisco Continues to Take Back The Streets
  • Look for Rain Barrels in Washington, DC

May 2010

  • LEED for Neighborhood Development Now Available
  • Health Rising Again to the Mainstream of City Planning
  • After Trying Out Suburban Life, Big Business Begins Moving Back to the City
  • Addressing the Challenges of Urban Trees

June 2010

  • Why We Need to Prepare for Climate Change
  • A County Takes Action
  • Form-Based Codes Continue to Gain in Popularity
  • The Urban Land Institute Gives Strong Support to SB 375

July 2010

  • Most Energy Retrofit Financing Programs In Limbo Due to FHFA Action—Some Move Ahead Anyway
  • Learn How Charlotte’s Highly Successful Transit-System Happened — Join Us at the February 2011 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference

August 2010

  • Smart Growth As a Key Strategy for Rural and Small Town Communities
  • Changing Demographics — A New Opportunity For Small Towns?
  • For Implementation Ideas, Come To Charlotte
  • Finding Community in the City

September 2010

  • Gas Prices Expected to Continue Going up, Up, UP
  • The Development Industry Responds: The Role of Transit
  • Compact, Mixed-Use Communities an Asset to the Business Community
  • Compact, Mixed-Use Communities Save Local Governments Money
  • A Compact, Mixed-Use Community Is Likely to Have a Stronger Local Economy
  • The 20th Anniversary of the Ahwahnee Principles is Coming Up!
  • Registration Open for NPSG11!

October 2010

  • Cities Offer Recession-Busting Business Opportunities
  • Portland, OR Lines a Parking Lot with Small Restaurants on Wheels
  • Hercules, CA Finds Innovative Opportunity in Slowed Town Center Redevelopment
  • Santa Cruz, CA Fills Empty Downtown Office Space by Implementing a New Idea
  • Energy Retrofit Financing Program Back On Track—It Should Do Wonders for the Economy

November 2010

  • The Role of Cities in the Clean Tech Revolution
  • Registration Now Available For the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference!

December 2010

No December 2010 LPU was produced due to production time constraints. This newsletter was combined with the December 2010 LGC Reports.