Tactical Green Infrastructure

The Tactical Green Infrastructure approach is born out of the need to respond quickly, cost-effectively, and inclusively to the climate crisis. It is a specialized design-build methodology used to identify, design, and construct expedited green infrastructure projects.

These small-scale projects convert both paved and existing underutilized green space into highly functional drought and flood-tolerant landscapes within a few months.

Tactical Green Infrastructure Project Goals

  • Demonstrate, through built example how green infrastructure can be quickly implemented, with little expenditure, and with highly impactful results. 
  • Teach, local design students and emerging young professionals how to design, build, maintain, and advocate for green infrastructure projects using a hands-on teaching approach.
  • Promote, the use of Tactical Green Infrastructure by inviting others to participate in the design-build process and tell our story to a wide audience ranging from the local level to an international stage. 
  • Expand, the use of Tactical Green Infrastructure to allow for the creation of green jobs and insertion of green space in areas throughout the state where it is needed the most.

Current Projects

Morro Bay

Elk Grove