Mini-Series Workshop Two


Santa Ana Watershed Ambassador Program

Virtual Mini-Series


During the workshop, participants dove into the complexity of California’s natural cycle of droughts, fires, and floods. Attendees learned best practices for water and land-use integration, with a focus on coordinated planning, multi-benefit projects, and cross-sector leadership development.


To make up Workshop 2: Collaborative Planning in the Face of Uncertainty, watch the recordings below. If you would like to watch the entire workshop, click here.


In order to get certified, you will need to submit the Workshop 2 Worksheet to Click here to access the Word Doc version.


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Featured Websites

Growing Water Smart Program (GWS)

Growing Water Smart (GWS), a joint-program of the Sonoran Institute and Lincoln Institute of Land Policy’s Babbitt Center, is addressing a critical need by training and assisting communities to use land and water most efficiently as they grow and redevelop so people, nature and industry can thrive.

Expressions of interest

Currently seeking funding to train and assist communities in California. To sponsor a Growing Water Smart Workshop in a community you care about, contact Atley Keller at


A Governor’s Initiative AmeriCorps program dedicated to building capacity for local governments to address community resilience challenges such as climate change, water resource management, affordable housing, mobility, and COVID-19 response.

Open and Transparent Water Data Act

The 2016 Open and Transparent Water Data Act (AB 1755, Dodd) provides an opportunity to make water and ecological data more readily available and usable. This efforsts will help to address California’s water management challenges and inform new polcicies and initiatives.

California Data Consortium

The  Consortium, through the Data Users  Working Group and the Technical Working Group, will work to   bring  together diverse voices, with the goal of  implementig Consortium priorities, while identifying new opportunities for cross-sector collaboration that supports data-informed  water management in California.

Water-Energy Community Action Network (WE CAN)

 A program supported by the California Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund with the goal of helping the people of California adapt to climate change, and mitigate their carbon emissions.The program supports low-income communities as they seek water and energy savings. 

WE CAN Local Government Commission

The WE CAN program is a project of the Local Government Commission (LGC). For over 35 years the LGC has connected cutting-edge leaders from across the nation, working with them to advance transformative policies and implement innovative solutions for sustainable communities. 

Self-Help Enterprises Leadership Institute

The six-month Leadership Institute consists of virtual trainings, workshops, and educational tours focused on building and maintaining long-term water management expertise in rural communities.

Inland Southern California Climate Collaborative

A diverse, cross-sectoral network of agencies, organizations, companies, and institutions working together to advance equitable solutions to create a resilient and thriving Inland Southern California in the face of climate change.

Funding Navigation

Offers funding opportunities for local governments and communities across California. The resources are categorized into eight Project Types. Additionally, our technical assistance team offers  direct assistance on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up for the newsletter here.

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