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Agenda — July 19, 2012

7:30 am Registration (Continental Ballroom Foyer)
8:30 am Welcome Plenary

  • Senator Ted Lieu, California State Senate
  • Hal Snyder, Sempra Energy Utility
  • Gene Rodrigues, Southern California Edison
9:00 am State Overview

  • Commissioner Andrew McAllister, California Energy Commission
  • Jeanne Clinton, California Public Utilities Commission
  • Ryan McCarthy, California Air Resources Board

Table Discussions
Notes (PDF)

  • Where do local governments see themselves 3-5 years down the road in
    relation to the energy and climate action planning goals discussed by the
    state panelists?
  • What tools and resources will you need to address these priority areas?
    What is on your wish list besides staff and resources?
10:25 am Lightning Round: Overview of Morning Breakout Topics
10:40 am Coffee Break
11:00 am Concurrent Morning Best Practices Breakouts
Breakout #1—Compliance, Tools & Synchronization: A Guide to Climate Action Planning Resources in California(Salon ABC, CM 1.5)
Facilitator: Lianna Rios, San Diego Gas and Electric

  • Tabetha Willmon, California Air Resources Board
    Presentation (PDF)
  • Amruta Sudhalkar, ICLEI
    Presentation (PDF)
  • Michael McCormick, Office of Planning and Research
    Presentation (PDF)

Breakout #2—Financing

(Burgandy/Bordeaux, CM 1.5)

Facilitator/Presenter: Frank Spasaro, Southern California Gas
Video | Presentation (PDF)

Breakout #3—Helping Local Governments Work With Businesses

(Colombard/Moselle, CM 1.5)

Facilitator: Yvonne Hunter, Institute for Local Government

  • Cruz Ramos, City of San Joaquin
    Presentation (PDF)
  • Ann Kelly, City and County of San Francisco
    Presentation (PDF)
  • Sona Kalapura, City of Manhattan Beach
12:30 pm Networking Lunch

  • Roundtables: CARB, ICLEI, LGC, ILG, CEC, CPUC
1:30 pm Recognition of Beacon Participants (Salon ABC)
Video | Presentation (PDF)
1:45 pm Lightning Round: Overview of Afternoon Breakout Topics (Salon ABC)
2:00 pm Coffee Break
2:15 pm Concurrent Afternoon Best Practices Breakouts
Breakout #1—Reach Codes(Burgandy/Bordeaux, CM 1.5)Facilitator: Javier Mariscal, Southern California Edison

  • Martha Brook, California Energy Commission
    Presentation (PDF)
  • Jim Guerra, City of Goleta
  • Steve Davis, Redwood City

Breakout #2—Energy Upgrade California

(Salon ABC, CM 1.5)

Facilitator: Jonathan Budner, Southern California Edison

Breakout #3—SMART Grid Technology to Catalyze Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions

(Colombard/Moselle, CM 1.5)

Facilitator: Robert Graham, Southern California Edison

3:45 pm Keynote (Salon ABC)

  • Allison Joe, Office of Planning and Research
4:15 pm Closing Remarks
4:30 pm Adjourn