3rd Annual Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Forum

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Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Forum: 200 leaders from across California came together on July 19 for the Third Annual Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Forum in Los Angeles, CA. This premier energy event hosted by the Local Government Commission focuses on highlighting the most innovative local energy and climate change programs in the state.

The forum started out with opening remarks from high-level utility and state leaders focusing on the important role of local governments. Gene Rodrigues Director of Customer Energy Efficiency & Solar for Southern California Edison encouraged participants to provide leadership on renewable energy and energy efficiency and “make it happen at the state and local level” instead of waiting for the federal government to rescue us from climate change.

Cruz Ramos, City Manager for the City of San Joaquin, talks about the new ideas and critical updates she heard at the SEEC Forum and the important collaborative efforts that are occurring to enhance energy efficiency efforts.

California Senator Ted Lieu focused on the importance of green building programs, alternative fuel cars and climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts. He inspired participants by concluding that “CA is a leader in Energy Efficiency and local governments play a big role- together we can exceed the leadership to date.”

CEC Commissioner Andrew McAllister highlighted the Commission’s appliance and building standard updates and the important role of local governments while also noting that “the challenge is to find resources to enforce and implement the standards on the ground.”

Liz Yager from the County of Sonoma is excited to be around other local governments leading energy efficiency efforts.

OPR, ICLEI and ARB informed participants about their efforts to work together to synchronize Climate Action Planning tools to provide local governments with consistent guidance.

Jeanne Clinton special advisor to the Governor, from the CPUC, encouraged local governments to continue to innovate because “the governor is interested in extending best practices that we can get to scale- we’re looking for game changing tools and mechanisms.”

Steve Clark from the Osprey Foundation enjoyed watching different perspectives in the energy arena coming together at the SEEC Forum to plot a sustainable course for the future.

The major focus of the conference was sharing local government best practices from across the state. Innovative local government programs include:

  • State and local financing tools to address the cost barrier to whole house upgrades and other energy efficiency efforts.
  • Win-win solutions to engage businesses to help reduce their energy use and monthly utility bills.
  • Technology solutions to catalyze energy efficiency, including preparing for electric vehicles and educating residents about their energy usage.
  • Local governments moving the market for whole house upgrades through Energy Upgrade California including workforce development, community outreach, financing and addressing unique needs of multi-family residents.
  • Building code updates and the adoption of reach codes to achieve energy savings even greater than the current state standards.

LGC organized the forum through SEEC, a partnership between LGC, ICLEI, the Institute for Local Governments and California’s four investor owned utilities. The annual forum is offered free of charge to California local governments.

Do you have an energy efficiency story to share with other local government forum participants?
Let us know about the good work you are doing. We’ll share them on the forum website. This will enable you to more easily connect with other folks at the event pursuing similar programs. Email your stories to Pat Stoner (pstoner ‘AT’ lgc ‘DOT’ org).

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The program is funded by California utility ratepayers and administered by Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Diego Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison, and Southern California Gas Company under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.