SEEC Webinar 16 — Cap-And-Trade and Proposition 39: What Local Governments Need to Know

Cap-And-Trade and Proposition 39: What Local Governments Need to Know

The State of California has seen two emerging sources of funding focused on supporting greenhouse gas emissions reduction efforts and energy efficiency. The State of California, the legislature and numerous stakeholders are now in the process of determining how to utilize the revenues generated from the state’s cap-and-trade auctions as well as funding from Proposition 39 (which has the potential to bring $550 million a year for energy projects over the next five years). This webinar will provide current information on cap-and-trade and Proposition 39.

Cap and Trade

The Air Resources Board has held two auctions as part of its cap-and-trade program aimed at helping reach the State’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals as stated in AB 32. The expenditure of the revenue created from the cap- and- trade program will be critical to reaching California’s environmental and economic goals of the future.

Proposition 39

November marked another success for greenhouse gas reduction work with the passage of Proposition 39, which closes a tax loophole for out-of-state corporations and will generate half a billion dollars for the state through fiscal year 2017-18. Prop 39 directs this new revenue to fund projects that create jobs, improve energy efficiency and expand clean energy generation.

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2:00 pm Webinar Logistics and Overview

Kate Meis, Local Government Commission
Presentation (PDF)
2:05 pm Cap and Trade and Prop 39 OverviewPanama Bartholomy, Office of Assemblymember Perez
2:20 pm Disadvantaged Communities and Proposition 39 WorkshopsGreg Hayes, Office of Senator de Leon
Presentation (PDF)
2:35 pm Cap-and-Trade Auction Proceeds Investment PlanMichael McCormick, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research
Presentation (PDF)
2:50 pm Questions / Ajourn


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