The Local Government Commission Team

Kriselda Bautista

Project Manager

Kriselda Bautista is a Project Manager for the CivicSpark™ program and a Regional Coordinator for the Greater Los Angeles and San Diego region supporting Fellows and Partners implementing community resilience solutions. She received her B.A. degrees in Urban Studies and Criminology, Law and Society from UC Irvine’s School of Social Ecology and applies the human-centered principles she learned to further CivicSpark™ and LGC’s missions. She enjoys marketing the program and building solid trainings and structures that make CivicSpark™ a strong workforce development program.

Kriselda loves people, places and ideas that strengthen communities and family, cultivate fun, and connect her with nature. She is fond of food, slacklining, and hopes to add surfing to the list. At the end of a long day, she relishes relaxing walks to the park with her dog (Panda) and inspecting the garden with her furry feline (Peanut).