The Local Government Commission Team

Gabriela Yamhure

Climate & Energy Project Coordinator
(916)-448-1198 x352

Gabriela Yamhure is a Project Coordinator for LGC’s Climate & Energy team. She graduated from Griffith University (Australia) with a BS in Marine Ecology, and completed her MS at the University of San Diego in Environmental and Ocean Sciences. Being born and raised in Colombia, Gabriela is extremely passionate about climate and environmental justice. Prior to joining LGC she spent 3 years in academia conducting research on marine ecosystems. Her transition to LGC was driven by her desire to bridge the gap between environmental issues and the community that surrounds her. She is passionate about creating change at the local level and believes in empowering local leaders to promote long lasting changes for the environment and communities.

When she is not working, she enjoys reading, rock climbing and surfing. On a day off, you will find her doing a backpacking trip or a long hike.