The Local Government Commission Team

Ryan Bodanyi

Climate & Energy Sr. Project Manager
(916)-448-1198 x357

Ryan is a Senior Project Manager with LGC’s Climate & Energy team, where his work supports mitigation, adaptation, and resiliency efforts. He holds a Ph.D. and MS degrees from the University of Washington, where his research explored what cities and counties in the US are doing to mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions, and how those efforts influence local finance. Most recently he worked with the Center for Sustainable Energy, helping to oversee program evaluation and analysis across five statewide rebate programs for electric vehicles.

When Ryan isn’t trying to save the world – how’s he doing so far? – he enjoys the company of his houseplants, to which he coos and awws unselfconsciously, and with wild abandon. Cats, too, come in for their share of attention; they respond when you pet them, which plants have never been good at. He loves a good beer, a good bike ride, and a good conversation, not necessarily in that order.