The Local Government Commission Team

Kif Scheuer

CivicSpark Program Director
(916) 448-1198 x312

Kif Scheuer is the Climate Change Program Director at the Local Government Commission. Kif is a solution-oriented sustainability professional with a strong history of engaging diverse audiences in real-world climate protection efforts through innovative, market-focused research and analysis, creative program design, effective project implementation and compelling public advocacy and education. Kif’s work at LGC is focused on supporting local government climate change Initiatives through problem solving, technical assistance, and networking. In 2013 Kif organized the first California Adaptation Forum, which attracted over 800 attendees and served to kickstart the statewide conversation on adaptation. He is currently guiding the program for the second Forum. Kif led the development and growth of one of LGC’s key coalitions – the Alliance of Regional Collaboratives for Climate Adaptation. ARCCA is a statewide network focused on addressing adaptation at the regional scale. Kif also launched LGC’s first Governor’s Initiative AmeriCorps programs – CivicSpark™ and is coordinating the launch of the new WaterCorps program. CivicSpark™ and WaterCorps collectively are matching up 68 AmeriCorps members with public agencies to provide climate and water response capacity support across California. In 2016, Kif will be embarking on two new initiatives; a research project on adaptation boundaries and financing, and development of an energy performance district model for the City of Fresno. In addition to overall climate and energy program direction, Kif is actively engaged with climate policy conversations and stakeholders across the state and nationally.

Before coming to LGC, Kif was the Sustainable Communities Program Director at Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI) from 2007-2013. While at SEI, Kif developed and managed a series of innovative projects including; Climate Corps Bay Area, an AmeriCorps program dedicated to implementing climate change resiliency projects; the Sustainable Energy and Economic Development Fund, a unique revolving fund for local agencies to overcome first-cost hurdles to adoption of clean energy systems; and the EPA- and PG&E-funded Small Communities Climate Partnership.

Kif has a PhD in Natural Resources and Environment and Masters of Science in Architectural Building Technologies, both from the University of Michigan.