The Local Government Commission Team

Josh Meyer

Community Design Program Director
(916) 448-1198 x310

Josh Meyer is Director of Community Design Programs at LGC. He joined LGC in 1997, following service as Yolo County Watershed Education Coordinator with AmeriCorps. Over the last decade he has directed numerous transportation corridor, downtown and rural community public design charrettes in California that included walkability assessments, focus meetings and collaborative workshops. He authored or co-authored many of the resulting plans. Josh has presented at national and state conferences, workshops and public hearings, taught at the University of California, Davis, Extension program, and developed educational materials on form-based codes, pedestrian-friendly street design, compact development, green streets and infrastructure, and energy-efficient neighborhood design. He wrote a statewide guide for general plan energy policy, ran a program that worked with local governments and developers to redesign subdivision plans for increased energy, livability and land efficiency, and helped establish one of the first regional joint powers agencies in the state to spearhead energy efficiency, renewable resource development, and other sustainable energy efforts in the Ventura County region.

Mr. Meyer has a B.A. in Political Science and Sociology from California State University, Long Beach. He received his Masters degree in American History in 1995 from the University of California, Irvine, with a focus on politics and the history of urban development in California.