The Local Government Commission Team

Alison Pernell

Project Manager

Alison Pernell is a Project Manager at the Local Government Commission where she has worked on land use, transportation and energy planning issues since 2000.  Ms. Pernell especially enjoys working on transportation equity projects for small, Native American, and disenfranchised communities in rural Northern California.  She draws from her own small-town experience to connect with rural audiences and address the fundamental question: how do we apply smart growth concepts to small towns in a way that honors the history and builds on the unique sense of place?

Alison has managed design charrettes and the resulting community plans for the Hoopa Valley Tribe, Laytonville, Trinidad Rancheria, Orick, and City of Fortuna. Additionally, she has worked on transportation and community design projects for many other Tribal and rural communities in Northern California. She has worked at the intersection of land use and public health and organized trainings and presentations on Safe Routes to School, Compact Development for Rural Communities, and Complete Streets. Her experience also includes trail planning, Safe Routes to School programs, food systems planning and implementation, meeting facilitation, community outreach strategy, and presenting at public meetings and conferences.

Alison graduated from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo with a major in City and Regional Planning.  In 2000 she was awarded the American Planning Association Distinguished Leadership Award for a Student Planner.