The Local Government Commission Team

Mackenzie Bolger

CivicSpark Senior Project Manager

Mackenzie is the CivicSpark Program Implementation Manager. She joined LGC in 2016 as CivicSpark Regional Coordinator for the Greater Los Angeles area.

Mackenzie served as a CivicSpark Fellow from 2015-2016 at the Southern California Association of Governments researching and supporting sustainability policy and programming in the SCAG region. In her role as Greater Los Angeles and Inland Empire Regional Coordinator, Mackenzie oversaw CivicSpark projects in the region, coordinating and providing training opportunities for Fellows, supporting successful completion of service projects, boosting volunteer and community engagement, and expanding LGC’s network in Southern California.

As Program Implementation Manager, Mackenzie oversees statewide and regional programming strategy and provides support and guidance on program activities across the state.

Mackenzie holds a B.S degree in Justice Studies and Sustainability from Arizona State University. She is passionate about equitable community planning, engagement, and social change.