Suburban Placemaking

Should the suburbs give up on placemaking just because they don’t have a turn of the century street grid with charming, historic buildings? Absolutely not!

Presenter Michele Reeves will discuss how – with some creativity, a united community and a few forward-thinking property owners – communities can make real progress toward reshaping suburban-style commercial districts to reflect a unique and authentic identity that creates a sense of place while improving the economic prosperity of a community. This presentation is laden with real-world examples of revitalization you can apply to your own community. You don’t want to miss it!

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for local elected officials, planning commissioners and city and county staff; professionals in planning, transportation, public health, architecture, real estate and economic development; interested property and business owners; as well as anyone vested in creating great places for people and business.

master slider_Layer_18_18Presenter, Michele E. Reeves is an urban strategist with significant private sector experience revitalizing districts. Michele founded Civilis Consultants to assist commercial districts, businesses, and large public sector organizations to recognize and leverage their strengths, accomplish economic development goals, and craft their unique stories to create compelling, multi-faceted brands.

This workshop is FREE but registration is REQUIRED.

[textblock]This workshop is being organized by the Local Government Commission in partnership with StanCOG and is being supported by a Sustainable Communities Planning Grant from the Strategic Growth Council.[/textblock]