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Driving the Next Decade: The Challenge to Put More Zero-Emission Cars on the Road

Feb 24 2017

California has led the charge for electric vehicles with an ambitious strategy to put 1.5 million zero‐emission vehicles on the road by 2025.

2016 Local Government Commission Annual Report

Jan 23 2017

The Local Government Commission supports policymakers through events, technical assistance and policy guidance.

A Message to the New Administration: The Economic Argument for Livable Communities

Jan 23 2017

As the new administration takes office in Washington, sustainability leaders across the nation have been speculating about the potential impacts on their work.

On-the-Ground Local Capacity Building Projects

Dec 23 2016

CivicSpark is Governor Brown’s Initiative AmeriCorps program that aims to build local capacity to respond to climate change.

Emergent Trends for Local Governments in 2017

Dec 22 2016

Through our work with California local governments, we identified two emergent trends that local governments are prioritizing and grappling with.

Reason for Optimism: Making Climate Change Progress in a New Political Era

Nov 28 2016

This month, we attempt to address what the new administration might mean to leadership on climate change progress, energy and infrastructure investments.

2016 American Planning Association Conference Recap

Nov 04 2016

Alicia Brown Project Coordinator Local Government Commission This year’s California state American Planning Association conference, held in Pasadena, was themed around “the…

Learning from the “City Energy Project”

Nov 04 2016

Cities are where the majority of energy is used, can enforce the energy code, further efficiency through ordinances, and lead by example.

The Promise of Digital Energy Response

Nov 04 2016

With the rise of the Internet of Things and a drive towards greater energy savings, it was only a matter of time before the two became one and the same.

Lessons from Washington’s Energy Code Residential Option Table

Nov 04 2016

At the ACEEE Conference, David Baylon – Ecotope, shared how creating a residential option table with the WA energy code gave builders more flexibility.