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Climate Investments Payoff for the San Joaquin Valley

May 22 2017

Climate investments benefit the San Joaquin Valley rather than being a detriment to the Valley economy. We review a report released by Next 10.

Moving Forward with Electric Vehicles

May 16 2017

By 2016 nearly 230,000 Zero Emission Vehicles including fully electric, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell electric vehicles were registered in California.

The Signs Are Clear: Data Is The New Tool For The Energy Efficiency Field

May 15 2017

Access to granular data can help California achieve its energy reduction goals and save consumers and business time, energy, and money.

On the Path to an Advanced Energy Community

May 15 2017

Santa Monica has received funding for their Advanced Energy Communities project, focused on turning the “City Yards,” into a microgrid.

On-the-Ground Local Capacity Building Projects

Dec 23 2016

CivicSpark is Governor Brown’s Initiative AmeriCorps program that aims to build local capacity to respond to climate change.

Spotlight on Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance

Dec 23 2016

Since 2003, Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance has worked to assist its members in seeking incentives to promote energy efficiency projects.

An EPIC Approach to Deploying Advanced Energy Communities

Dec 22 2016

This year, the CEC awarded 13 projects through The EPIC Challenge: Accelerating the Deployment of Advanced Energy Communities solicitation.

Emergent Trends for Local Governments in 2017

Dec 22 2016

Through our work with California local governments, we identified two emergent trends that local governments are prioritizing and grappling with.

Collective Impact in the Gateway Cities

Dec 22 2016

Gateway Cities are working hard to adapt to changing economic trends and emerging business opportunities.

Introducing the ZNE Hub for Local Governments

Dec 22 2016

LGC through the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative introduces the ZNE Hub: Zero Net Energy Resources for California Local Governments.