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Driving the Next Decade: The Challenge to Put More Zero-Emission Cars on the Road

Feb 24 2017

California has led the charge for electric vehicles with an ambitious strategy to put 1.5 million zero‐emission vehicles on the road by 2025.

Business of Local Energy Symposium

Feb 14 2017

Leveraging Local Benefits of Community Choice Date: Friday, May 5, 2017 Location: Long Beach, CA The Local Government Commission is working in partnership…

2016 Local Government Commission Annual Report

Jan 23 2017

The Local Government Commission supports policymakers through events, technical assistance and policy guidance.

A Message to the New Administration: The Economic Argument for Livable Communities

Jan 23 2017

As the new administration takes office in Washington, sustainability leaders across the nation have been speculating about the potential impacts on their work.

Spotlight on Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance

Dec 23 2016

Since 2003, Ventura County Regional Energy Alliance has worked to assist its members in seeking incentives to promote energy efficiency projects.

An EPIC Approach to Deploying Advanced Energy Communities

Dec 22 2016

This year, the CEC awarded 13 projects through The EPIC Challenge: Accelerating the Deployment of Advanced Energy Communities solicitation.

Emergent Trends for Local Governments in 2017

Dec 22 2016

Through our work with California local governments, we identified two emergent trends that local governments are prioritizing and grappling with.

Collective Impact in the Gateway Cities

Dec 22 2016

Gateway Cities are working hard to adapt to changing economic trends and emerging business opportunities.

Introducing the ZNE Hub for Local Governments

Dec 22 2016

LGC through the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative introduces the ZNE Hub: Zero Net Energy Resources for California Local Governments.

Fresno Tapped to Join Federal Program to Speed up Zero-Energy Practices

Nov 18 2016

The U.S. Energy Department announces local partnerships for its Better Buildings Accelerator program to develop zero-energy for more sustainable communities.