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Smart Water, Smart Planning: Groundwater Sustainability

Dec 14 2016

This groundwater fact sheet helps local governments implement SGMA and start working toward sustainable groundwater management in their own jurisdictions.

New Approaches to Stormwater Management

Nov 10 2016

Learn more about how low impact development promotes the integration of stormwater management techniques that mimic natural hydrology.

Complete Streets Big and Small

Jan 25 2016

A San Joaquin Valley Economic Development Tool The streets that connect residents and visitors to homes, schools, businesses and places of livelihoodin…

Model LID Standards & Specifications for Riverbank

Jun 09 2015

In order to comply with existing and future stormwater discharge regulations, while promoting a resource efficient and sustainable approach to reducing stormwater…

Low Impact Development (LID) Alternative Compliance

Jun 08 2015

The “Lower Stanislaus Low Impact Development Alternative Compliance Plan” addresses the physical and fiscal constraints of on-site LID, which are disproportionately experienced…

Watershed-friendly Development for Sierra Communities

Apr 23 2014

The fast growing Sierra Nevada is home to 24 watersheds that provide over 65% of the state’s water supply. How and where…

Policy Fact Sheet: California Sustainability Research Project

Mar 28 2014

The California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA created the California Sustainability Research Project to increase access to California’s funded sustainabie communities…

Water Recycling and Reuse

Mar 15 2014

Water Recycling and Reuse Fact Sheet Our precious water supplies can be safely used more than once.  This fact sheet PDF, 1.7…

Water Conservation

Mar 15 2014

Water Conservation Fact Sheet Water conservation is a practical strategy for serving the needs of a growing state.  This fact sheet PDF,…

Urban Stormwater Management

Mar 14 2014

Urban Stormwater Management Fact Sheet Federal requirements now require the clean-up of urban runoff before it reaches receiving waters.  This fact sheet…