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Spinning Our Wheels: Bolstering Bicycling in the U.S.

May 25 2017

Many cities across the country are questioning how far we’ve really come to make bicycling a substantive mode of transportation.

Broadband for Better Communities

Apr 18 2017

Broadband access is critical to community prosperity, but less than half of California’s rural population has the same Internet access as urban areas.

Vision Zero: A Vision for Safer Streets for All

Mar 27 2017

The Centers for Disease Control recently indicated that our traffic death rate per capita is nearly double the average of other developed nations.

Driving the Next Decade: The Challenge to Put More Zero-Emission Cars on the Road

Feb 24 2017

California has led the charge for electric vehicles with an ambitious strategy to put 1.5 million zero‐emission vehicles on the road by 2025.

A Message to the New Administration: The Economic Argument for Livable Communities

Jan 23 2017

As the new administration takes office in Washington, sustainability leaders across the nation have been speculating about the potential impacts on their work.

Solving the Affordability Crisis: Practical Strategies to Build More Housing

Dec 21 2016

California’s housing affordability crisis is not only costly for people renting or buying homes, it weakens California’s economy as a whole.

Reason for Optimism: Making Climate Change Progress in a New Political Era

Nov 28 2016

This month, we attempt to address what the new administration might mean to leadership on climate change progress, energy and infrastructure investments.

Smart Water, Smart Planning: Managing California’s Groundwater

Oct 28 2016

It’s time land-use planning agencies work together and prepare a Groundwater Sustainability Plan ensuring local water and land-use decisions are aligned.